MRA's in-house advertising agency (Miami Research Marketing & Advertising - MRMA) handles all patient recruitment needs for both Early and Late Phase research studies. MRMA has successfully rolled out more than 3,000 patient recruitment marketing campaigns. Miami Research Marketing & Advertising (MRMA) excels in finding the right patients to enroll in clinical trials. It is dedicated to producing the most effective patient recruitment campaigns. We have reached millions of targets with English and Spanish campaigns. This continual effort has enabled us to build one of the most extensive patient databases sortable by a variety of criteria.

As a result of our progress and growth, our Marketing Department has become a full-service In-house Advertising Bureau. All advertising campaigns are seen through from protocol review to artistic inception, media buying, and ultimately, response-tracking.
"MRMA reaches more
people for less ad dollars
by establishing solid relationships with the
local media"
MRMA's Marketing Director (Jack R. Mesa) has been in the South Florida media since 1984, and has rolled out thousands of subject recruitment campaigns with MRA since 2001. Mr. Mesa's experience originates from key positions held in English and Spanish radio & television stations, print, direct mail and internet marketing/design firms, including fortune 100 companies. This experience empowers MRMA to develop invaluable media relations and media buying leverage.

Effective marketing
vehicles which make MRA a top-enrolling site:

 Research Database Mine of 30,000+ subjects
 Radio Announcements
•  Television Announcements
•  Newspaper Ads
•  Guerrilla Marketing/Community events
•  Social Media Marketing (Dedicated personnel)
•  Text Marketing
•  Magazine Ads
•  Ailment-specific Websites
•  Email Campaigns
•  Direct Mail and More...

MRMA's CAMPAIGN TRACKING SYSTEM... facilitates selecting the most appropriate medium, targeting English and Spanish study prospects. A campaign history database holds thousands of campaign details; a crucial tool for effective and cost-effective ad campaigns.

MULTI-MEDIA CENTER... We have in-house television and radio production capabilities. This new multi-media center enables us to roll out radio or television campaigns in as little as 24 hours from receiving IRB approved scripts!

MRA's INTERNET PRESENCE... is incomparable. MRMA domains have been designed as portals for most clinical research studies. These ailment-specific web sites offer prospective subjects an alternate form to respond to study ad campaigns.

SOCIAL MEDIA... MRMA is actively dominating social media channels in order to maximize the reach of subjects for clinical research studies within a variety of therapeutic areas.

Our Social Media channels include:

It is imperative for marketing and clinical teams to interact as effectively as possible early in the trial. MRA's clinical team meetings are regularly attended by our marketing team in order to identify efficient marketing strategies. This working style also keeps our marketing team proactive with upcoming trials and patient recruitment planning.

MRMA also works closely with MRA's Regulatory and Business Development Departments. By incorporating IRB guidelines in the creation of ads, the Marketing Department helps turn around ad approvals efficiently and expeditiously. Ultimately, this close working relationship allows MRA to excel in launching timely and effective trials

Understanding demographics is just the beginning in planning an effective marketing strategy. Knowing South Florida's variety of lifestyles and cultures makes Miami Research Marketing & Advertising a valuable supplement to any national advertising campaign.
Whether targeting the Anglo or Hispanic market, Miami Research Marketing & Advertising will maximize the effectiveness of your advertising dollars!


Our Recruitment Center is staffed with professional research counselors and is equipped with digital technology to handle hundreds of daily incoming-outgoing call activity.

The MRMA Call Center is capable of handling hundreds of calls which are generated daily from a variety of media mixes from radio, TV, social media and other channels. The call center uses the latest VOIP and other technology to make sure every call is captured for expedited screenings and contact management processing.


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